Well, it seems we have yet another example of a celebrity in their declining years being taken advantage of by their manager. First it was Stan Lee and now Nichelle Nichols, the original Uhura from the Star Trek franchise. I never met her because the only time I saw her at the ConnectiCon she attended was for a brief moment since she had gotten sick that year and was confined to a wheelchair. I wasn’t going to go up to her at the hotel’s nightclub while I was off-duty and bother her, but someone I know did get to meet her at the airport and said she was a real nice person. It’s a shame crap like this happens, and you know it doesn’t just happen to famous people.

However, it does get the report of your GoFundMe to fight back against the act of elder abuse, which has been set up for Ms. Nichols. Is nobody in the actual entertainment industry paying attention to this crap before it gets worse? It’s bad enough it happens to everyone else but Hollywood really sucks at supporting their own.

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  1. Sean says:

    Sorry to hear that Nichelle Nichols has been having to go through this.


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