Darkseid decided to try the Alpha Beams once. He built a wall.

Justice League Unlimited #32

DC Comics (June, 2007)

“Big Guns”

WRITER: Stephan Nilson

ARTIST: Dave Santana

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Robert Clark

EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

Having solved the anti-life equation, Darkseid simply needs the power to put it into effect. His actions open a rift in space, sucking Superman, Stargirl, and Guy Gardner to Apokolips. As Superman and Stargirl fight for their lives Guy decides to tackle Darkseid head on and learn where the rift came from. When his Green Lantern ring loses power he’s at Darkseid’s mercy, but he bought the others time to call in other Justice Leaguers and the heroes of New Genesis, who declare the truce between their worlds violated. Rather than let them know what he’s up to, he retreats and allows Guy to destroy his machine. For his courage, the New Genesis people tie his ring to a mother box and title him Green Lantern of the Fourth World.

What they got right: I liked the art work. The story itself isn’t bad.

What they got wrong: Or at least wouldn’t have been in the regular DC continuity. I don’t remember the anti-life equation being a factor in the DC animated universe and I know Guy Gardner wasn’t part of it. And while Guy deserved a reward for his courage I guess he still has such a habit of getting on everyone’s nerves that his rash actions make everyone question his judgement…often with good reason in the main DC Universe, but this is his only DCAU appearance…so I see this going right to the jerk’s head.

Recommendation: I’d recommend skipping this one. It might work in the main DCU, though it’s another story where the focus character understands teamwork only when the story says it’s time and they probably forget right after (we know B’Wanna Beast mostly likely did). It just doesn’t work as a tie-in to the animated universe.

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