Tony saw a girl in a bikini off to the side.

The New Avengers #6

Marvel Comics (June, 2005)

“Breakout” part six

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

PENCILER: David Finch

INKER: Danny Miki

COLORIST: Frank D’Armata

LETTERER: Albert Deschesne

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Stephanie Moore & Molly Lazer


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

Apparently in the last issue (between some research I did and the “previously in” section of this issue) the Avengers were captured by Lykos and his people, stripped naked (yes, including Spider-Woman while this would be the second time Spider-Man has been de-masked in this storyline), and when Lykos absorbed some of Wolverine’s mutant energies he transformed into Sauron. Then some SHIELD agents kill him and are prepared to take out the Avengers as well. Now for this issue:

The Avengers manage to stop the supposedly rogue SHIELD agents, including a new Black Widow named Yelena Belova–despite the fact that Black Widow was a title given to Natasha by her old Soviet masters and thus SHIELD doesn’t name agents Black Widow. Yeah, this isn’t going to be a normal formatted review but I’ll still try to be brief. Anyway, Cap stops Wolverine from gutting her (Logan says by hitting him in the face with his shield when it was clearly in the back of the neck. The agents escape and the Avengers give chase to find an illegal vibranium mining operation to use in creating equally illegal weaponry. Then SHIELD pretty much nukes everything while Maria tries to convince the heroes that it was all a rogue operation. They don’t believe it, especially after Iron Man finds the files he’s been given to have been messed with. Our heroes vow to get to the bottom of it, and Tony manages to convince Captain America to let him add Wolverine, the eternal loner who at one point in Marvel history will be part of at least three different teams, to the party. Funny how Tony says nobody can say no to a rich man but Cap didn’t take no from Tony about restarting the Avengers.

So we have another story in darkness since it’s dawn during most of the story…though even in the Savage Land I’m pretty sure that’s not how the day/night cycle works in Antarctica. Cage is still a potty mouth, despite canon, and Spider-Man is irritating because he won’t shut up and won’t stop making jokes. I don’t think Bendis thinks that highly of Spider-Man, or (knowing him) sees an opportunity to have an annoying joker in the group and chose Spidey continuity be hanged. It’s not like he’s that naive either. He was doing Ultimate Spider-Man around this time and he wasn’t this annoying there.

So no, I was not a fan of this storyline but for whatever reason back when it was coming out I picked up some more issues. Maybe one of them will be better but I kind of doubt it.

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