The real question is how the back of his coat is standing up like that.

Justice League Unlimited #36

DC Comics (October, 2007)

“Wild Geese”

WRITER: Simon Spurrier


INKER: Jeff Albrecht

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Mike Sellers

EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

The Question uncovers another shapeshifting race, the Durlans, have taken over some high-level positions. While the Justice League thinks the Question is on yet another conspiracy fit and tells him to take a break he continues to search through clues. This turns out to be members of the League trying to placate him with a sloppy wild good chase, which he sees through, but he also sees through the reason why. Guess where the other Durlans are hiding?

What they got right: On the surface it’s a good story. The Question in the DCAU is a conspiracy nut so why not use that in a story? And you have shapeshifters involved, which is perfect for such a character.

What they got wrong: The details. Just based on things Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter say that are out of character for them, which was my clue that something was up, you kind of figure out where the Durlans are. The pathetic attempts to play with the conspiracies was laughable (though I don’t know how aliens would know some of these) since there’s clearly no real connection, which just confuses the reader. However the worst part is the Question himself, as he comes off as a nicer version of Rorschach. I know Moore created Rorschach when he couldn’t use The Question in the story that became Watchmen but even DCAU Question doesn’t act like him and certainly doesn’t talk like him.

Recommendation: Ignore the off-center Question and you have a fairly decent story. I wouldn’t go crazy trying to hunt it down but if you find it you may end up with a decent read.

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