I don’t know if this will work on older computers. I remember having issues with Masters Of The Universe when I tried to make that movie a Saturday Night Showcase some years ago. (Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be officially up so watch this one as fast as you can.) This is from the official YouTube movies channel, where they partner with movie owners to legally post the films ad-sponsored rather than the illegal uploads. So my apologies if it’s not working for you. For the rest of you…I bring you Spaceballs!

I probably don’t have to go into this movie with the audience for this site. While Mel Brooks is admittedly not a science fiction fan himself he still decided to produce this sci-fi parody. Most of the gags are a playful homage to the Star Wars movies there are elements of Star Trek, Alien, and even a few non-sci-fi moments. This is an example of doing a parody right, a tribute rather that today’s tear-downs. Sadly we never did get a sequel, just a crap cartoon that aired on G4 and despite having Mel Brooks, Daphne Zuinga, and Joan Rivers, two of the three of them being legends of comedy and the first one responsible for the movie, the comedy and parody was very low par.

Since this is a Mel Brooks movie there is swearing and the occasional raunchy joke but overall it’s enough of a beloved classic that the moment it came up in my suggestions (having just been posted to YouTube on October 1st), I knew it had to be tonight’s showcase. Enjoy!

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