At least she was nice enough not to block the logo.

Justice League Unlimited #38

DC Comics (December, 2007)

“When Bad Girls Go Good!”

WRITER: Matt Wayne

ARTIST: Dario Baizuela

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Mike Sellers

EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

Giganta stages fake robberies in hopes of drawing out the Flash because she developed a crush on him that one time they worked together. The clueless Wally thinks she wants to go legit and tries to help her become a superhero. Then he makes the mistake of accepting a date with reporter Linda Park and Giganta goes into a jealous rage Wonder Woman has to help Flash escape from. Can this relationship be saved? Not if Linda has a say.

What they got right: This is an interesting way to introduce Linda, Wally’s wife in the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe, into the DC animated universe. It’s also cute seeing Giganta failing to tell Flash she likes him and how clueless Wally is about what she really wants. There’s also a nice nod to Flash’s voice actor, who was also playing Lex Luthor on Smallville at the time.

What they got wrong: Should this version of Linda know what Gorilla City is? And was the gorilla part of Giganta’s origin (long story I don’t have all the details on) part of her DCAU origin? I know they dropped it for Super Friends but I don’t remember them going over it in her Justice League (Unlimited) appearances. And this one is on the show but since it comes up in this issue, why did they give Wally West his mentor’s job? Wally isn’t supposed to be the police scientist, Barry is. Wally I think was a mechanic before his identity was revealed.

Recommendation: An actual fun superhero story. I miss those. Give this one a look.


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