Punching the cover artist for not giving her a proper shirt like she has in the comic. Too bad it’s the same artist.

Robotech: Mechangel #3


Academy Comics, Ltd. (May, 1996)

“War In The Wastelands”

WRITER: Bill Spangler

ARTIST: William Jang

Angelo tells The Claw how he met Mechangel after the Malcontent Uprisings. His father was one of a group of scientist brought in by former RDF Colonel Eldin Frost, experimenting with using Zentraedi organs in human bodies. Lyss learned some of her colleagues were robbing Zentraedi graves for the organs and she killed them for it. Captured by Frost to be used in experiments Dr. Dante helped her escape and later escaped himself. Angelo and his dad later designed the Mechangel armor for her, but Angelo’s dad was eventually found and killed by Frost or his men. Meanwhile, Mechangel gets her meeting with Frost but her armor proves superior to his Veritech fighter and he’s killed off. She leaves a message for Angelo to go live his life, which we know will lead him to the RDF and the 15th ATAC under Dana Sterling.

What they got right: I didn’t go over the full origin for brevity but it’s not a bad story of Lyss’ early life. The ending is satisfying.

What they got wrong: This seems a bit off for Angelo Dante. I could see Louie being part of armor construction but this doesn’t quite line up with Dante’s skills as seen in Robotech.

Recommendation: With the #0 issue that makes a four issue miniseries and it’s not a bad one if you followed Eternity/Academy’s extended lore, which is non-canon. I’m not sure if casual fans will get into it or not and it’s only vaguely Robotech in nature but otherwise not a bad comic to look into.

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