It’s not DCAU-accurate but Batman’s expression is just priceless.

Justice League Unlimited #40

DC Comics (February, 2008)

“Cast No Shadow”

WRITER: Ben McCool

ARTIST: Dario Brizuela

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: John J. Hill

EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

As a child a misuse of her powers led to Zatanna’s father Zatara locked away part of her magic until she was mature enough to use them properly. As an adult Zatanna joins other Justice Leaguers on a mission to Central City, where Shadow Thief is stealing shadows from the citizens and even the League. However, it’s because a warlock called the Warlock Of Ys, who has captured Zatara and is using his magic to boost Shadow Thief’s powers to attract Zatanna and add both the magicians’ powers to his own as well as Dr. Fate’s. However, Zatanna manages to tap that hidden reserve and defeat the Warlock, leading to a brief father/daughter reunion and the defeat of Shadow Thief.

What they got right: I don’t think we got a DCAU version of Zatara outside of the two part DCAU annual crossover. While the comics aren’t canon it’s nice to see this part of Zatanna’s history added in without interfering with the lore of the show. The story itself is fairly good and the flashback actually does fit into the story, which I was worried it wouldn’t at the start.

What they got wrong: Either the letterer pointed the word balloon at the wrong character (which could be the artists’ mistake given who was place where) or Wonder Woman is talking like the Flash. Speaking of Flash, the way he and Alan Scott sent Shadow Thief back to prison, even though the villain was never in danger, seems oddly cruel if indeed he was an unwilling participant…and even if he was. Just super-speed him to prison instead of the catapult.

Recommendation: Overall a good story. Not a bad one to look into.

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