Wanted for being too adorable.

Detective Honeybear #1

Creator Owned Comics (2012; no longer available on comiXology)

“The Case Of The Curious Cap”

WRITER: Alex Zalben

ARTIST: Josh Kenfield

When a John Doe turns up dead in an alley, Detective Honeybear is on the case…I think. While being totally adorable and annoying his colleagues like Detective Chance, Honeybear soon learns that the victim is a baseball player who was robbed in an alley and actually died from a toe infection. Yeah, I know, I just spoiled the mystery but I don’t think that was the point of the story.

What they got right: I like the art style itself (though I will question the coloring in a moment) and it’s a silly but fun idea to have a cute teddy bear detective solving a murder mystery. It isn’t necessarily made for kids but a kid reading this comic would still enjoy it without freaking out the parents.

What they got wrong: The coloring choice confuses me. Only Honeybear and the dead man’s infected foot are colored. Everything else is black and white and it kind of distracts. The non-bear characters aren’t even shaded. It’s like the line art without the coloring. And admittedly the Elmer Fudd talk was getting on my nerves near the end, so the end gag where Honeybear slips and speaks one word normally was more like what I wish the book had done in the first place. Otherwise keep his other cute actions.

Recommendation: This comic is definitely not for everyone. It plays to a certain type of humor so I’d recommend finding some kind of preview before committing to it. I liked it though.

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