People who only know of the Incredible Hulk through the old Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno live-action series were probably curious why the more recent theatrical Hulk appearances went with CG instead of a painted actor. I know my cousin did when Ang Lee’s film came out. Anyone who read the comics or even watched the various cartoons could answer that rather easily. The live-action show of 1970s worked with what they could do back then and that was paint Ferrigno green and make it look like he flipped a car. In the source material however Bruce Banner’s alter ego is a huge brute of a monster who gets stronger the angrier he gets until his body reaches a certain limit. With computers it’s easier to properly translate the comic design of the Hulk into the world. It makes me wonder what they have planned for She-Hulk since she actually looks more like a muscular green woman, possibly due to only getting her powers from a blood transfusion with her cousin Bruce.

Although they start off with a couple of other movies (namely an adaptation of Journey To The West and martial arts parody Kung Pow: Enter The Fist) the VFX artists as Corridor Digital–specifically Clint, Wren, and co-founder Nico–also take a look at how the computer model for the Hulk has evolved from the 2003 Lee movie up to the more recent Avengers films.

Catch more VFX and other reaction/backstage videos from the Corridor Crew on their YouTube channel.


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