Usually I post this on the first Saturday of the annual Art Soundoff podcasting challenge, but the next Saturday Night Showcase may have a time limit so I want to get it up as soon as I can within the usual posting style. So we’re doing this today, but we’re five days into the challenge so I think we have our big participants. If we get anyone new I’ll edit them in and let you know during Jake & Leon or a programming update if I miss a week of the comic. Of course, following me here means you already get to experience my participation in the event, in which a group of comic creators at different levels of fame discuss our art day, our style, or just related things in our heads.

As of this writing only three others are using the #ArtSoundoff hashtag on Twitter to let us know they’re taking part. Of course the two co-founders, Lean Into Artcast co-hosts Jerzy Drozd and Rob Stenzinger, and famed comic colorist Owen Jollands. And here are the new additions if there are any:

So per usual I’ll be posting their first installment of the year and showing you where to follow along. Or just use the link in the previous paragraph. 🙂

First off is Jerzy Drozd, with his show Thunder Punch Daily. The past few Art Soundoffs Jerzy has opted to put a theme into his year’s offerings and this year’s is going over his time as a teaching artist as well as a creator and reaching out to other potential teaching artists by discussing his own path to that goal.

His partner in podcrime, Rob Stenzinger, is also a UX and game designer and his Polytechnicast goes over that angle. If you want the worksheet he mentions in this installment, here’s the page hosting the podcast with all the necessary links.

Finally, and speaking of time limits, Owen Jollands, comic colorist who is apparently working on a Teen Titans comic (I’m guessing it will come out after or during Future State given the turnover from creation to publication), notes that he may pull these down soon after Art Soundoff ends, so listen fast!

Unfortunately I cannot pull an embed off of his page so you’ll have to follow this link to his website to check it out. It goes right to his first post for 2020.

And here come the late arrivals, if any.

If you want to check out more I linked to the Twitter hashtag earlier, but if you want to take part, check out the information at the official Art Soundoff page. You don’t even have to post your journal anywhere if you don’t want to, but you may find it useful to do a month or a few days this month of art journaling. You can even just make one and technically be taking part. And of course you can see my contributions every weekday here and on my YouTube channel, where I’m experimenting with various recording options available to me. Happy journaling!

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