Guess I should have swapped this one last week, too. Shows how little attention I was paying.

Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream! #2

IDW Publishing (October, 2017; as posted to comiXology December, 2017)

“Kid Stuff”

(originally printed in Donald Duck Adventures series 2 #16)


COVER ART: Daniel Branca

COLORIST: Susan Daigle-Leach



EDITOR: Chris Cerasi


“The Chilling Secret Of The Lighthouse”

(preview for the new Ducktales spin-off comic, also lists a second story not in this digital version)

WRITER: Joe Carmagna

ARTIST:  Luca Usai

COLORIST: Giuseppe Fontana


EDITOR: Joe Hughes

Donald takes up a job as a house painter but when the Huey, Dewey, and Louie hear his first house might be haunted they attempt to scare him as payback for not letting them help. All of their tricks fail, but the house may actually be haunted, and the ghost may not mind the new look to his old haunt. This was very much a fun story, clearly following the old Donald and nephews comics rather than any of the cartoons and it works well.

The second is only the first few pages of a Ducktales story that for all I know takes place prior to the updated series. Donald is hired to clean a lighthouse in the desert (long story) but he also has to keep the boys out of trouble. Of course they find a way to get around him but you’ll have to get the comic to see how that turns out. This shows the difference between how the nephews are depicted between versions. Originally they were just a trio of pranksters who liked to mess with their Uncle Donald but here they’re seeking adventures and for reasons shown in the series he’s trying to keep them safe. That makes this a decent inclusion even if we don’t get the full story but I have to wonder why they list both stories from the full comic when they don’t even have the full version of this story.

Overall this is a fun offering for Halloween ComicFest and worth looking into either digitally or if you come across it physically. However I again have to ask why Disney bought Marvel if IDW is going to publish their comics? Wasn’t having their own comic publisher one of the reasons they bought Marvel?


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