Beneficial as it might be to theme last week’s Showcase on Halloween with something related I didn’t know tonight’s offering had a two-week limit at the time or I would have showed it last week. It’s more annoying when the official postings go down than the unofficial ones, so if you want to see this one best watch it quick.

You may have seen the anime SSSS Gridman and found it neat how it resembled a live-action tokusatsu program, seeing as co-producer Tsuburaya is known for the Ultraman series. Some of you may even remember Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, DIC Entertainment’s attempt to ripoff the success of Power Rangers, and heard it was based on a show called Gridman. Tonight I get to give you a look into this series. Follow three kids who build their own computer just in time to be brought into a war within the computer world, and since Tron isn’t available one of them will have to become the virtual superhero Gridman to save a hospital under assault just as a little boy is about to undergo surgery for appendicitis. If it’s still up there watch it fast. If not there was a warning I added before the logo that it’s down now, so hopefully you haven’t missed your chance. If you don’t understand Japanese (like myself) there are subtitles in the closed captions. Enjoy.

Personally I think Tsuburaya played a bit too close to their Ultraman series. Gridman fights like he could be an Ultraman and I wonder if that’s deliberate or if they’re just too used to the Ultraman formula? At any rate I don’t know of a US DVD release but this is to promote the Blu-Ray release in Japan. Possibly either Shout Factory or Mill Creek Entertainment, both of which release Ultraman series, might get it in the future? One can hope.

You can find more of Tsuburaya Productions shows on their YouTube channel, some of which are either dubbed (mainly their web series that has a Japanese and English version, though the Japanese is subbed the same way) or with English captions.

UPDATE 1/14/2022: For some reason Tsuburaya only had the show up on their channel for a limited time. Luckily for the archives Shout Factory’s TokuSHOUTsu channel put up the first episode on their channel to promote the full series available on their streaming service. You’ll have to go to Mill Creek Entertainment to get the home video though. Still not sure how that arrangement works when Shout Factory has their own home video service and Mill Creek has their own streaming service.

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