Earlier this week I reviewed Nickelodeon’s new series The Astronauts based on the first two episodes, originally aired together in a one hour special. It turns out the first episode, “Countdown”, the only episode without a day number, was posted to Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel, so I get to show you something I reviewed. Neat.

Created by Daniel Knauf, the show follows five kids whose parents are tied to a space mission to investigate an asteroid that some think could also be a space ship, or at least that’s what one of the kids is hoping. This is his first show for kids, but surprisingly he approaches it as any other show, just one that has to watch out for the target audience and what parents will allow…provided the parents is okay with the lesbian couple who will be part of the supporting cast, so if that’s not you this won’t be your show. There’s no violence, no cursing, and outside of kids taking control, something you only see in a kids show about five kids stuck on an orbiting spacecraft, this could have easily been a show about trapped adults, though being kids does add an interesting dynamic to the relationships involved between the crew in space, the people on the ground, and between the two groups. Add in the mystery of why this all happened besides the kids taking advantage of others’ stupid mistakes to get a look inside the cockpit of a new long range spacecraft, and you have the makings of a good show…though we’ve been disappointed before. Still, give the first episode a watch and see what you think.

The show airs Fridays on Nickelodeon and is available wherever you watch Nick shows on demand. I’m not sure how those outside the US will get to see it or when but if you liked what you saw here keep an eye out for it.

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