First of all I was too tired yesterday to record an Art Soundoff, so instead of taking off Thanksgiving like I planned I may do one on Thursday. I know you don’t have to do every day; you can do one post on one topic and not even share it and still technically have taken part in the challenge. However I am trying to get that practice in, especially with the new “webcam” app, and I would like to at least keep to my own schedule. So instead here’s Just Some Guy talking about Disney+’s confusing actions when it comes to their streaming of Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends. Note that he lets the swears drop more often than I do, but he makes the points clear as to what’s wrong.

Catch more of Just Some Guy on his YouTube channel.

I wanted to find a good clip from the episode but the best I could do was this collection of “funny” moments from the show. It does start off with a scene featuring Sunfire and his uncle.

I can’t say I see it either. I also wonder why they took down the episode where the Spider-Friends FIGHTS the Nazis? They really do believe just showing something means condoning it? Then why have the show since showing supervillains fighting Spidey is clearly condoning based on this dumb line of thinking?

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