If you weren’t around when the comic was being released you missed my gushing over Super Dinosaur, one of the rare kids comics co-created by Robert Kirkland. No zombies, no being beaten to a bloody pulp, just pure fun with great characters. Produced by Skybound and published by Image, Super Dinosaur tells the tale of the Derek Dynamo, teenage crimefighter genius, and his best friend and partner Super Dinosaur. Super Dinosaur (SD for short) is the creation of mad scientist Max Maximus who instead opted to protect the world alongside Derek and his father Doctor Dynamo. SD is a superintelligent T-Rex who uses a battlesuit to give him a longer reach and awesome weapons.

I’ve been all in on the comic, created by Kirkman and artist Jason Howard, since it came out and I wish they had been able to produce more issues. I was excited to hear they made a cartoon but at the time it was exclusive to Amazon Prime, a service I did not have access to. While ordering my new cell phone case my tired brain accidentally signed up for the free Amazon Prime trial, which includes a bunch of perks I probably won’t get to use and the video service. While looking to see what they had I found Super Dinosaur in the cartoons list and decided to make this a Finally Watched. And then I learned there was a sample episode from show producers Spin Master on YouTube, so I made it a Saturday Night Showcase. And just learned a few minutes ago that Tubi has it up for free with ads…this is why I need people to tell me things. So let me introduce you to the world of…Super Dinosaur!

I mean, it’s good, but it doesn’t quite live up to the comic, at least to me. This one is personal, but I figured Super Dinosaur would have a deeper voice (something closer to the General…I have a voice in my head but I can’t remember the actor’s name that would have been perfect) and I guess I may have filled in some personalities myself based on the comic but these were quite close. The art style is closer to Spin Master’s tone (see shows like Paw Patrol or Power Players, making it one of the few non-preschool shows in their library but still meant to sell toys) and I don’t have a problem with it but I would have liked something closer to Howard’s amazing art. Plus I was missing…

…Super Dinosaur bringing the missiles! This was the scene that sold me on the comic so yes I missed it. As far as adapting the issues I’d have to double check if it’s a straight-up adaptation or just based on the comic but if we still get his later arsenal of specialty suits and the Dynamo and Kingston families still work together well I’m satisfied. I don’t need a one-to-one adaptation like you get out of anime with manga adaptations but the spirit is still there if not slightly more energetic. I still have hopes for it to bring the awesome.

Sadly only the first season is available in the US through Amazon Prime or Tubi, so if you liked what you saw then check it out. However I would urge you to look into the comics as they are fantastic fun dino action stories with great characters.

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