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Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day

Titan Comics (June, 2015)

This review features the comic as posted to comiXology, though I did review the physical copy with my 2015 FCBD haul. However, this is a proper review without my tweets added.


The 10th Doctor: “Laundro-room Of Doom”

WRITER: Nick Abadzis

ARTIST: Elenora Carlini

COLORIST: Claudia Sg Ianniciello


The 11th Doctor: “Give Free Or Die”

WRITERS: Al Ewing & Rob Williams

ARTIST: Simon Fraiser

COLORIST: Gary Caldwell

The 12th Doctor: “The Body Electric”

WRITER: George Mann

ARTIST: Mariano Laclaustra

INK ASSISTS: Fernando Centurion

COLORIST: Luis Guerrero

I listed them in Doctor order but the comic actually goes backwards, which I’m not sure was the right order to use. Doctor 12 and Clara visit a quartz planet where visitors are harvesting the electricity (it’s better explained in the story) but unknowingly intelligent beings are trapped in that power. For some reason the story tries to have Clara questioning what kind of Companion she is, but it doesn’t have time to do it right, so it becomes another example of aspect of Clara that rub some fans the wrong way. If it had more time it might have been a good story but all we end up with is a good plot that never has time to grow into a proper story.

The 11th’s story is…odd, and given some of New Who’s villains that’s a long list. Titan gave the 11th original Companions instead of Amy & Rory, though having two Clara stories would have been off. Not that it matters since they barely matter to the story. The Doctor and friends Alice and Jones arrive on Earth just as a sentient virus who takes the form of storytelling is spreading through every comic, novel, and audio file. The solution comes from using the…sorry, but puke is the only right word here…of third Companion, the alien Arc, to turn the sentient story into a real being, and convinces him to become a writer. Yeah, even at a convention Zzagnar is quite obviously not human. The story seems to be having a bit of fun with Free Comic Book Day but with the “Time Lord Victorious” multi-genre storyline currently coming out in 2020 this tale gets some extra parody. It fits the time better and is conceptually interesting but weird in execution, yet I kind of liked it.

Finally it’s the 10th Doctor and original Companion Gabby who deal with…their laundry. And yet the story strangely works. After ending up very muddy after their previous adventure the Doctor shows Gabby the TARDIS laundry room. The machine actually separates all the elements of the clothes, extracts the dirt, and then reforms the clothes. This is only one of a few different methods of cleaning and gaining clothing we learn happens with the TARDIS, but since the Doctor forgot to take the Sonic Screwdriver out of his pocket (and I have to wonder what happens to the several other things the Doctor always has in his pockets for the “pull everything out” gag) the mud becomes a sentient creature who wants to give him the Screwdriver back. Like I said it’s a very weird concept but the story strangely works.

Overall this was a decent anthology for a Free Comic Book Day sampler. The digital version is free so for the price it’s not a bad read.


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