Nova’s smiling? There’s something you rarely see.

Robotech Masters #2

Comic The Comic Company (August, 1985)

“Southern Cross”

WRITER: Mike Baron

PENCILER: Neil D. Vokes

INKER: Rich Rankin

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

The RDF decides to attack the Masters before they’ve had a chance to damage the planet like the Zentraedi did. The initial attack on the Masters’ ship ends poorly for the first wave and the Bioroids launch a counterattack. The airfield and base take heavy damage and losses, even when Marie’s squad joins the battle. Observing from the 15th’s defensive position and seeing the base needs reinforcements, Dana defies her orders and brings the group into the attack. It’s only a slight improvement until Dana decides to attack the Bioroid transport sending the enemy running back to base. For her initiative, Dana is promoted to First Lieutenant. Too bad she decides to show off at the promotion ceremony with her hovertank. (Some of Jeanne’s antics are hard to fix with Dana.)

What they got right: The artists do a good job of showing the action. When the battle is heavy it shows and you can see the toll taken on everyone.

What they got wrong: Baron practically re-translates the episode. The briefing isn’t about them deciding to attack; Dana and Marie aren’t ranked high enough to even be in that meeting. In the episode it was just them being told what high command had ordered, though there was some debate about whether or not that was a good idea. Dana and the 15th didn’t get busted in the show in part because Emmerson was considering calling them in after they already left, which was a good thing because as the comic does note she would have been too late had she waited for orders. I’m not sure where Dana/Jeanne got the light beam bunny ears for showing off at the promotion but that goes into a lot of Jeanne’s problems, which as noted in previous articles Macek and his writers worked as best they could to overcome. It’s a bit too childish and doesn’t make our heroine look good.

Other notes: This is the issue where Dana’s heritage as part Zentraedi and the daughter of two of the RDF’s best fighters is mentioned, though as also noted previously they couldn’t go into detail because of spoiling future issues of The Macross Saga the way Comico was publishing it. Of course it’s never mentioned in the briefing in the episode and neither is the dumping on Dana, so add that to the list of things the issue got wrong.

Recommendation: This issue is a decent story but a poor adaptation of the episode, like Baron was doing his own translation of the episode “Makeup”. The show is the way to go on this one.

As to why this is here when I said I was saving it for Saturday, I didn’t want to go into a cliffhanger going into my Christmas break, which is what the next issue of Deep Space Nine is giving us. (Plus it’s a plague story so I’d rather not leave that cliffhanger hanging during the break, given this is still 2020.) So there won’t be any more comic reviews until I return. Just more Christmas content and then my week off.

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