It seems every showrunner needs to have at least one console room of their own when it comes to modern Doctor Who, sometimes two. In classic Who there was a similar design to the original: white walls with rondels all over, the same basic exterior door design, and an updated console. The screen moved from hanging from the ceiling to being embedded in the wall and the console got more switches and computer screens but that was it…except for a couple of seasons during Tom Baker’s run as the Fourth Doctor.

From this first appearance in “The Masque Of Mandragora” to the original’s return in “The Invisible Enemy” (K-9’s first appearance), the second control room, a wooden room with a more compact console, was the first time the TARDIS console room set underwent a massive change. This is rather normal for the franchise in the New Who era but the only time it happened in classic Who. (Though a change was planned for Silvester McCoy’s TARDIS even before the big change in the TV movie that had some radical differences. It didn’t end up being used before the original series was canceled but a mock-up was made when McCoy hosted a marathon of classic episodes.) Screenrant contributor Craig Elvy goes over the brief history of this alternate control room.

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