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This summer’s Godzilla Vs. Kong, the latest chapter in Legendary’s “Monsterverse”, will hopefully not go the way of the other hero versus hero movie parent company Warner Brothers put out recently. While the Godzilla movies under this banner have had their pluses and minuses, Kong: Skull Island was the first time something other than a remake received positive praise. It would be nice to see an updated Mechakong (I’m sure it’s not just me), I’ll be happy if we don’t get giant monkey pacemakers and matchmaking. Even Kong’s cartoons haven’t always lived up to the legacy, while Godzilla’s have either been pretty good for the time or actually improving a namesake’s questionable movie.

The tales of King Kong and Godzilla in cinematic history have a surprising number of comparisons and contrasts. While the Big G has managed to create a huge franchise the big K’s legacy is a beloved first movie, a decent but really long remake, and a bunch of other movies with questionable support. However, both are a huge part of our culture, both have fought in the past, and both have not had the best attempts at being a dad more than once. Kajiu discussion channel Up From The Depths takes a look at the shared history of the two both before and after their original 1962 slugfest.

Catch more Up From The Depths on his YouTube channel.

So who wins this fight? Hopefully the viewer. If the movie can lean into what Kong: Skull Island did right, and avoid what the Godzilla movies did wrong (let’s actually see the fights, a little sunlight couldn’t hurt, if you’re going to make human characters a stronger focus then at least make them interesting) this may be awesome.

To be honest I don’t want either of them to win. While they’ve gone back and forth in other continuities in the Monsterverse both have been treated as heroes. Kong protects Skull Island from invaders while Godzilla protects us from MUTOs, Ghidorah, and presumably other threats if we get more movies. I’m hoping they come together against other threats. MatPat’s Film Theory suggests that a third option may come up and why don’t I give you a surprise bonus video just for tuning in on this messed up week.

Mechagodzilla may be the real big bad? I kind of hope he’s right. I also kind of hope it’s built by aliens and not humans because I miss the alien origins of Mechagodzilla.

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