Doing two Free Comic Book Day comics in a row is a coincidence, not a plan.

“Hey, where did the city go?”

Free Comic Book Day 2007 (Spider-Man)

Marvel Comics (June, 2007)

“Swing Shift”

WRITER: Dan Slott

PENCILER: Phil Jimenez

INKERS: Andy Lanning with John Dell

COLORIST: Jeromy Cox

LETTERERS: Chris Elipoulos & Cory Petit

ASSISANT EDITOR: Aubrey Sitterson

EDITOR: Stephen Wacker

Peter is trying to get a lemon cake to a party for Aunt May when a guy in a supercar named Overdrive speeds past, being pursued by cops. Apparently Spidey hasn’t had any work to do in a while and Jameson is happy he’s back so he can libel him some more, a cop new to the New York beat thinks he’s as bad as the bad guys (not helped by Overdrive declaring himself Spidey’s biggest fan), a new hero named Jackpot is there to help protect citizen, and Spider-Man eventually stops Overdrive. However he used too much webbing to keep the cake safe and now he has to wait for it to dissolve, which means he’s late for the party.

What they got right: I’m not expecting much from a Free Comic Book Day original story since the point of the event is to promote comics with free stories (for the reader anyway) that will hopefully draw them into buying the regular books. This does a fair job of going over Peter’s then-current cast, introducing Jackpot and starting the red herring of it being Mary Jane (SPOILERS: it isn’t), and on it’s own it isn’t a terrible adventure.

What they got wrong: The jokes are better than the Bendis stuff I’ve been reviewing but Peter goes on a bit too much in thought balloons, captions, and text about lemon cake. We get it! It’s a lemon cake! A villain who idolizes Spider-Man is…weird and just seems to be there for a joke. He’s a goon for Mister Negative and frankly he can do better. His whole gimmick is that he has a really fast car and a bunch of Spider-Man memorabilia and that’s all there is to him. This also sets up what was coming in One More Day, this apparently taking place afterwards with no sign of MJ outside of Jackpot calling him “tiger” and being named Jackpot, which was all to mess with the reader. We also get a preview for One More Day where Peter angerly webs up Iron Man with his organic webbing, but no real context.

Recommendation: Not a terrible story I guess but this really isn’t one I’d go out of my way to hunt down. It’s overall pretty basic with a lame villain and a bunch of “hey, look were the comic’s going this year” stuff. I wouldn’t talk you out of getting it though.

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