Work on something long enough and if you don’t improve something is terribly wrong and needs to be evaluated. I’d like to think my articles now are better than when I started over 12 years ago, and that includes the Jake & Leon comic over 11 years ago.

One of the shows I like to use for filler, daily posts, or something worth examining is Game Theory, a show that may not be accurate by the admittance of host Matthew “MatPat” Patrick but does impart some interesting science facts or explorations of the lore behind your favorite video games, expanding to cover movies and television with Film Theory and most recently food and food mascots with Food Theory. It’s been ten years since he’s began this trip into YouTube so for his anniversary he decided to remake his first ever Game Theory episode, exploring time travel theory though the game Chrono Trigger. It’s not like I haven’t done this before. He also explores how he approached his early videos versus what he does now with a staff and making the show into a franchise and his career.

First though let’s see the original version of the episode.

Rough and with a different logo (no theme until later–sadly he didn’t track down that first appearance) but it shows where he started, just one man in a closet recording audio and mixing some random images he found on Google search that matches up. Let’s see how he does today with a full staff, improved writing skills, and…still recording in his closet.

There’s definite improvement between then and now. If you want to see more Game Theory check out the Game Theorist YouTube channel. The video MatPat linked…well, wrote a link to in the video doesn’t seem to exist. Yes, I tried typing it in to make a link for you guys but all that’s there now is “video unavailable”. Anyway, if you want to see MatPat’s other Theory shows, check out The Film Theorists and Food Theorists, as well as his daily streaming show GT Live. MatPat has also used what he’s learned to teach others in how to improve their own YouTube viewership. In my case it starts with finding time to do more videos. If I don’t get sick again maybe I can start pulling that off. In the meantime, thanks for being my readership.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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