She just realized modern Robotech creators only care about the first war and she’ll never get her big break.

Robotech Masters #14

Comico The Comic Company (February, 1987)

“Clone Chamber”


PENCILER: Neil D. Vokes

INKER: Tom Poston

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

Marie’s team makes it to an old moon base that managed to survive the Masters’ attacks. Supplies are low, but Leonard has plans to convert this engineering base into an attack base to hit the enemy from both sides. Emmerson is of course against this plan. Meanwhile on the Masters’ ship Musica is showing she has feelings for Bowie just as he’s had for her and it’s convinced her to reject the intended mate. She’s not the only one starting to have emotions, which along with the dwindling Protoculture supply and clones like Zor becoming more and more ineffective they consider basing a new fighter based on their triumvirate in the hopes of beating back the Invid as they arrive. Speaking of Zor he’s caught between the implant pushing him towards Nova to work intel out of her and his attraction to Dana, causing a rift between the two ladies. He does learn of the relief mission, and thus so does the Masters, but Marie’s crew manages to help the relief unit make it to the station and herself to a reunion with Sean. So now the mission is underway but the surprising news comes from who Leonard chose to lead it…General Emmerson!

What they got right: With one exception the comic adapts the story well enough. The love lives interfering with the Masters’ plans, namely Musica’s attraction to Bowie and Zor’s own romantic feelings versus his subconscious trying to fight against the implant, is the focus of the issue and that comes off well through the story.

What they got wrong: That exception I mentioned is that the comic doesn’t sell Zor’s battle with the implant as well as the cartoon did. Both of them are also guilty of taking a cartoon with chibi Kaiju and calling it Revenge Of The Martian Spider Women, something more in line with a B-movie even though the bits Dana forces Angie to see that we see contains no spider-women. Did the theater show the wrong film?

Recommendation: The show has a slight edge here to better indicating Zor’s conflict with the implant but both are fairly decent and acceptable versions of the same tale.

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