Before we start this popped up on Twitter this week.

Presumably these will also be the designs for the actual CG characters in the Sonic movie sequel. I bring up because of Knuckles, which is what Twitter focused on though naturally I was more interested in Tails. (The Archie comics made Tails my favorite Sonic character and later games and shows I’ve seen just made him even better.) Knuckles is the same size as the others but slightly taller and buffer, which makes sense for Knuckles, but something that went too far in the final show we’re looking at the intro for.

A US/France co-production, Sonic Boom opted to take the characters further away from the game world than even the previous series where Robotnik had created a city populated mostly by robots, some of whom were transformed animal people. Instead our heroes…okay, I’m guessing a jungle but I have to honest here. I tried watching an episode and I just couldn’t do it. Watching Eggman being a rival to Sonic instead of his arch-nemesis and the two practically hanging out in the story I was viewing (or at least that’s how it appeared) was weird, the comedy didn’t work for me, and most of the redesigns, as I’ll get to later, didn’t really work for me. I never had the chance to give it a proper viewing but what I saw didn’t impress me outside of the animation.

That means I don’t really know how well this intro reflects the show, so I can only judge it as an intro to see if it makes the show look interesting. To be hones I’m only putting this here for the sense of completeness as the latest Sonic cartoon, with Sonic Prime recently announced for Netflix. We don’t know much about it yet, so in the meantime this is what we have.

Well…that was…anticlimactic. It’s build-up without any decent payoff. And this is the US version, as short as I’ve come to expect from a modern cartoon in the States. No, it may actually be slightly longer…but not as long as the one France got.

Not a lot longer mind you. The US version clocks in at 16 seconds while the French version comes in at 46 seconds…and it’s just more 360 views of the characters. At least the heroes, including new character Stick the badger, get more screentime than in the Sonic X intros. However, they don’t get to do a lot. The French version at least gives us a few extra seconds to take in the characters’ design and skills. Sonic is fast, Knuckles is strong, Tails has tools and presumably makes stuff, and the girls each have weapons–Amy’s signature oversized mallet and Sticks getting a boomerang. You know, that Australian thing that used to be the model for Batman’s Batarang before everyone decided they were just throwing stars. Then the big fight is immediately interrupted by the logo and end intro. The theme music isn’t even all that memorable. I mean, you couldn’t use that other “Sonic Boom” as your theme?

No, we get generic level music that doesn’t even get to breathe in the US version thanks to the lame punchline of a title reveal. I am so not impressed.

And since we get a full shot of the character models, let’s talk about them. Sticks is new and she’s okay given her backstory. Tails just has a set of goggles and some other bits that highlight the inventor and piloting skills Tails has evolved into having to flesh him out as something besides “that kid who makes his tails spin like a helicopter despite everything we know about biology but nobody complained when Snoopy did it with his ears that one time and he wasn’t even from another planet”. Amy…still looks like Amy and Sonic is taller, thinner, and wearing an ascot because that’s totally safe when you’re running at high speeds through a jungle.

However, Knuckles is the WB Joker of this bunch in that the redesign doesn’t work. He’s the big dumb doofus of the group. Granted, Knuckles has been tricked by Eggman/Robotnik many times into attacking Sonic throughout the multiverse (I wonder if we’ll see some of that in the multiverse-spanning adventures of Sonic Prime) but he’s supposed to be smarter than this as the Guardian of the Chaos Emerald that keeps his Floating Island from becoming the Falling-To-Its-Doom Island.

I’ve also heard that the Sonic Boom tie-in game wasn’t very good. The animation was good, as Dan Floyd went over, but the game itself had a lot of technical issues. The animation was done by one of the studios that made the show so that’s why the art was good though apparently they couldn’t make a good game. I think it was Rise Of Lyric as five games in total were made. I wonder if they had better intros?

And so we finally run out of Sonic cartoons until Sonic Prime hits Netflix. Will it be any good? Will its intro? The intros kind of slid downhill as the cartoon arm of the franchise moved onward and this is Netflix, where I haven’t seen a lot of intros since they aren’t trying to snag people flipping around the dial so my money’s on no. We’ll see when it drops. In the meantime, what’s your favorite Sonic show intro? Should I bother to look at the video games? I’ve not covered video game intros before.

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