In a previous post we watched Slopes Game Room tell the history of Pac-Man through the majority of the arcade years. It turned out to only be part one of the series. With Tuesday being a full schedule getting something in today was something of a challenge. Therefore, since Slopes has posted part two of this series, and the finale for now since it looks like the yellow fellow isn’t going away, I bring you part two of The Complete History Of Pac-Man.

In this part we look at console games, mobile games, and even some short returns to the arcade, plus the other Pac-Man cartoon. Enjoy and take a seat. This will be a while.

Catch more of Slope’s Game Room on his YouTube channel.

I’ve seen Pac-Man & The Ghostly Adventures, currently airing on Discovery Family but I first caught it on the now gone Kids Click block. It’s not a bad show as they try to make this big bit of lore surrounding the ghosts, and in both the original and new cartoons as well as the video games we’ve gotten more than one history for the ghosts. By the way, that girl wasn’t the ghost, she’s another Pac-Person named Cylindra and is one of Pac’s best friends. The subtle interest I think is there but I’ve only seen a few episodes. The girl take on Pinky–who fun fact was female in Japan and is thus supposed to be a girl despite some media making her a guy, especially the Saturday morning cartoon I grew up with–is not so subtle about her crush on “Pac-ems” and now I wonder what became of Sue. The show has the classic foursome being on Pac’s side and just wanting their normal pac-bodies back. Long story but not a bad show really.

I played a little bit of Pac-In-Time and the Google Play Games app on most Android smartphones has the doodle (which is a pain to play with touch controls by the way) but otherwise I haven’t had the chance to play any of the games on this list. Maybe someday.

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