“We need to move this logo out of Earth’s orbit!”

JSA #1

DC Comics (August, 1999; as posted to comiXology)

“Justice Be Done”

WRITERS: James Robinson & David Goyer

PENCILER: Stephen Sadowski

INKER: Michael Bain

COLORIST: John Kalisz




EDITOR: Peter Tomasi

Someone stalks and kills Kid Eternity, as well as all the people he puts in his way. Meanwhile, the former sidekick Sandy receives a visit in his dreams from the Sandman while the mystery man Sandman he knew crumbles to dust. He awakens knowing that Wesley Dodds is also dead. At his funeral, surviving memories of the Justice Society Of America or their superhero family members are surprised by the ghost of Kent Nelson, and then by the current Fate, who dies in front of them by his own dagger. The Sons Of Anubis attempt to claim the dagger, not wanting some ritual to be completed but the leader is destroyed by Scarab, who claims only the JSA can save the world. Is this tied to the stranger that killed Kid Eternity or the mysterious Ian trying to get Obsidian to kill someone?

What they got right: They do a good job setting up the mystery of this first storyline. We also get a decent introduction to the cast as Wildcat tells the new Starman about everyone there, except for people Starman already knows. I do like the art.

What they got wrong: Killing heroes someone might like again, James? Did they need to kill off Kid Eternity, whose power is bringing back dead and fictional people temporarily to fight? Then they also kill off Sandman and Fate. I didn’t know much about the 90s incarnation of Fate post-Zero Hour and really wasn’t into him but superhero body counts have grown to get on my nerves as a general rule. Also not a fan of Scarab’s outfit here, but it’s the first time I’ve seen him. Maybe it always looked this bad.

Recommendation: It’s not necessarily a badly done story but it has elements that I really don’t care for personally. Mildly recommended to check for yourself. There might have been a time I’d be interested but I’ve soured on superhero body counts.

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