Well, I finally lost any ability to match the comic with the episode without going to one of the more…questionable sites that may or may not be computer virus farms. Not only has Funimation not put up episodes of Robotech on their streaming service while removing all the videos Filmrise had up on sites like Tubi and VuDu (and I really wish Harmony Gold had stuck with Filmrise) but now the episodes on YouTube I was using are gone. Even the stupid “remastered” versions that put back all the nudity and blood (basically the Japanese series with the Robotech audio over it) aren’t available outside of foreign languages or weird editing to avoid the copyright bots.

Look, they’re within their rights to take it down, but I was using these to judge how well the Comico comics were adapting the episodes and now I’m missing that part of the review. Why Funimation hasn’t put the episodes up, or Harmony Gold left the others up until they did I don’t understand. Getting the home video release would be too expensive if I had money coming in, which I don’t, and much of the lockdown stimulus has gone to replacing dead or obsolete computers and a surprise repair job on my car that took a huge bite out of it. I can’t afford to get the home video version and with no streaming option I feel like I’m missing part of this review. For that I apologize and there’s one scene in this issue I really want that comparison. We’ll get to that in a moment.

A picture of the Teletubbies sun baby twenty years later.

Robotech Masters #19

Also I’m missing an issue for the first time in a while. It’s amazing how many issues I have from this series and it’s not even my favorite Robotech war. It’s like how my Marvel collection seems larger than my DC collection though I’m more of a DC fan…until recently when it’s tough to be a fan of either of them.

Comico The Comic Company (October, 1987)

“Crisis Point”


PENCILER: Neil D. Vokes

INKER: Tom Poston

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Maggie Brenner

The Elders prepare to execute the 15th Squadron, all of whom have been captured. Musica is troubled and can no longer function in the triumvirate with her sisters. Instead she goes to find Zor when she learns he has escaped, wandering the city in confusion. Zor is recaptures so Musica on her own has to rescue Bowie and his comrades, and together they rescue Zor, now with his memories restored during the Masters’ attempt to understand what went wrong with his programming and knowledge he’s a clone of the original Zor. Our heroes then destroy the ship from the inside before escaping thanks to Emerson mounting a rescue.

What they got right: Since I can no longer compare it to the episode, I can at least say it works on its own. While sure some condensing has taken place, the important details save one seem to be here. Musica and Bowie get to be together (for as long as that’s allowed given what happens to them next) and Zor is back with the good guys.

What they got wrong: When the ship explodes it looks like Musica’s sisters and the other civilians go with it. Considering they appear later on and Musica made a big deal about NOT blowing up her people with the fighters it seems rather odd. I’m hoping the episode didn’t give that impression and this is why I wish I could compare it to the episode.

Recommendation: A good story on it’s own and worth reading but I no longer can tell you if the episode did it better or the comic. If it gets an official streaming release again or you can afford the home video version I still recommend doing so. But get the original broadcast, not the “remasters”. At that point you might as well just get the original anime…which I also recommend just for the curiosity.

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