“Why did you say ‘Martha’?”

Robotech Masters #20

Comico The Comic Company (November, 1987)


WRITER: Mike Baron

PENCILER: Harrison Fong

INKER: Bill Anderson

COLORIST: Tom Vincent

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Maggie Brenner

The 15th manage to sneak Musica past the MPs but not without raising Nova’s suspicions. As the impact of her actions finally hit Musica (her sisters are still alive and are now isolated) Bowie assures her they’ll rescue her sisters. However, Zor feels he’s betrayed his people and decides to turn Musica in. Dana manages to slow Nova down just long enough for Bowie and Musica to escape and, led by images caused by Musica’s music, head to the remains of the SDF-1.

What they got right: Still don’t have access to the actual episode (get a move on, Harmony Gold and Funimation!) but the story itself is pretty good. We get a sense of Zor’s conflictions and Angie gets tired of Zor’s crap even before he turns Musica in. Our heroes finally learn about the Invid. The new drawing team is an improvement.

What they got wrong: I’m not sure what Zor’s reasoning is for turning in Musica. Does he just want to betray everyone? He’s not turning himself in as a traitor but he’ll betray her and his supposed friends. It would make more sense for his Southern Cross counterpart since he was a human brainwashed by the aliens to take it out on Musica but here it looks like they’re just trying to work the footage into their own lore…though again I haven’t re-watched the episode for this review.

Recommendation: A good issue, worth looking into.

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