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I’m always keeping a look out for promo minicomics I haven’t heard of before because it’s a form of comic that gets less respect than the regular comic or any cartoon based on a toyline. Well, a fellow Reviewers Unknown contributor from back in the day, Irving of Irving’s Zoo recently did a review I’ll post at the end of the article on a promotional video I’ve heard about before. Sgt. Savage And His Screaming Eagles was a failed attempt at doing a G.I. Joe spinoff line around a new character…obviously Sgt. Robert Savage, who undergoes the Captain America treatment and wakes up in the modern day of 1995. A man out of time he gets his own group of Joes that would wash out of Sgt. Slaughter’s “Slaughterhouse” and faces a new group, the I.R.O.N. Army. Oddly the enemy in the direct to video, pack-in special was named Lt. Garrison Kreiger, a traitor who sabotaged their mission in World War II and was somehow alive in the present, while the toyline and minicomic make the main villain the more toyetic name General Blitz.

During the review Irving mentions a pair of minicomics, so you know I had to hit the search engine almost immediately and find them. Thanks to Yo Joe.com both comics are available, part 1 and part 2 of “Sgt. Savage Versus General Blitz”, packed in with Battle Command Sgt. Savage and Cyborg General Blitz. The fascinating part is that Joe Kubert is credited as the artist. I always find it interesting when big-name creators work on these projects. However the interest around here is the story. How does that work out?

“Quick, we’re out of marshmallows for the fire! I want to try these ‘smores’ things!”

Sgt. Savage vs. Gen. Blitz part 1

Hasbro (1995)

ARTIST: Joe Kubert

Oddly no other credits are given. I guess when you have Joe Kubert doing your minicomic covers you let him put his signature on there, but the no-name writer, letter, or colorist? Unless they’re Kubert to, #$%% those guys. Meanwhile Dreamwave doing the Transformers minicomics for Armada and Energon gets their creators’ names on the inside cover. Unless that’s just not in these scans we’ll never know who wrote this.

Don’t expect a lot of heavy backstory during these by the way. The comics are only five pages long.

The story has the Screaming Eagles, a division of GI Joe, protecting an atomic plant from the I.R.O.N. Army, which appears to be all robots. Robots that apparently aren’t bulletproof because the Joes aren’t using laser guns but more traditional bullet guns. I guess Blitz uses Cobra’s leftovers. Blitz decides to overrun them by sheer force…because that worked so well last time. I already see Cobra Commander, Serpentor, and Iron Klaw watching this and having a good laugh. Meanwhile the Head Man is passed out in a pile of his own cocaine.

“Those smores are mine, Savage!”

Sgt. Savage Vs. Gen. Blitz part 2

Hasbro (1995)

ARTIST: Joe Kubert

I told you these were short.

Continuing where the first issue left off, Blitz leads his robots in a blitzkrieg (no, I’m not sorry) on the Screaming Eagles’ bunker. Savage tells the Joes to hold their fire. When Blitz’s forces arrive they find an empty bunker. Blitz is confused until the Joes pop up from the dirt and shoot the metal soldiers with their bullets and chase Savage off. The Joes celebrate but they know Blitz will be back. Do they mean back here? Is he tired of going after the power plant and going home to sulk? I’m pretty sure he’s still got more robots than we see the Eagles shoot up.

So that’s the two issue Sgt. Savage comic and there’s really not that much to say about it. At ten pages total of minicomic there isn’t a lot of story here. It feels like one comic and given how many other minicomics there have been packed in with toys and snack cakes even in the 1990s this is rather disappointing. Kubert’s art is okay but Kubert phoning it in would still look better than some other artists putting their all into it. Overall these really aren’t worth looking for unless you’re some kind of completist.

Meanwhile, Sargent Savage’s toyline failed to capture enough sales to give the line a stronger push and has fallen into obscurity. Savage himself would return in the G.I. Joe Extreme toyline, retaining his origin but now serving under Lt. Stone and keeping his backstory as unfrozen World War II soldier. Frankly you’re better off with the actual Captain America. If anyone starts telling that story again. By the way, while looking up these two I found a bunch of other GI Joe minicomics so we’ll be back to the real American heroes in future installments.

In our next installment it’s the comic I promised last time as we visit the Penguin in Gotham City as part of the Super Powers Collection. Just in time for…summer I guess. In the meantime, here’s Irving’s review of the promotional video that was packed with the original Savage figure. If I ever find a better copy than he did online it might make for an interesting Saturday Night Showcase.

Catch more of Irving’s Zoo on his YouTube channel.

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