“Okay, who gave Red Superman the Pym Particles?”

Justice League Beyond 2.0 #1

DC Comics (digital first at comiXology August 10, 2013)

“System Errors” part 1: “Power Struggle”

WRITER: Cristos Gage

ARTIST: Iban Corello

COLORIST: Randy Mayor

COVER ART: Khary Randolp & Emilio Lopez

LETTERER: Saida Temofonte

EDITOR: Alex Antone

Set in the alternate Batman Beyond comic world instead of the show, the Justice League tangles with a group that uses nanotech to “recruit” new members Borg style. While the League wins something is wrong with Superman’s powers thanks to something sent into the sun. Now his powers boost randomly, forcing Superman to expel that extra energy. Various members try to help him control it but nothing works. It gets worse when one of his bursts forces his heat vision to blast Aquagirl.

What they got right: I like that they added Captain Marvel to the team, as well as a new Flash and yet the old Beyond members are still there (except for Terry due to stuff going on in the Batman Beyond 2.0 comic at the time but there’s still a Batman. The art is rather good and the story has an interesting plot while the “Nanodemons” are an interesting threat.

What they got wrong: In fact I wish they were the story, though using black magic to power their possessing nanotech seems like a forced addition just to make them a threat to Superman. It still wouldn’t work on Captain Marvel if we’re playing by those rules. Instead it’s a comedy of errors almost as we see Superman fail at every attempt at power control the League tries. It’s not really a good showing for the digital first comic series.

Recommendation: If the story ends up getting better in the eight parts maybe I could recommend it but on it’s own it’s not really that exciting.

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