When it comes to Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla I give it the same short review I give Man Of Steel: It’s a good giant monster movie, but it isn’t a Godzilla movie. While the animated series was closer to the King Of The Monsters it still wasn’t the same Godzilla. Had Emmerich just made a regular giant monster movie as a tribute to the genre (which isn’t exclusive to Japan…there were plenty of those movies in the US prior) but with a different name for the monster I’m not sure anyone would have minded. Instead his “Godzilla” was known as GINO (Godzilla In Name Only) and Japan itself named him Zilla (without the “god”, and I think that’s the point) when the monster was trashed in Godzilla: Final Wars. Fans were not happy and outright hated the movie but I rather enjoyed it. And, unlike Zack Snyder, Emmerich didn’t throw a hissy fit and insist his Godzilla reflected what a real giant monster would be like. So points to the guy who made Independence Day.

However, the movie did well in the box office and I mentioned the animated series, so Tri-Star had planned to make a sequel. As things go in Hollywood this season wasn’t made, but in an installment of the Kaiju Masterclass on YouTube co-host Steve Ryfle speaks to sequel writer Tab Murphy about how he would have addressed the fans, what the fate was for the last baby Zilla, and the fate of Nick Tatopoulos. Note that there is swearing.

Sorry, thanks to whatever decision the guys have you’ll have to watch it on YouTube. I’ll leave the attempted embed above in case they change their minds.

Here’s the comment I left: “The only problem I have with the treatment (outside of the personal preference of making the show canon in the movies…one of my issues with Ghostbusters 2, though Godzilla: The Series wasn’t out yet when the treatment was made) is ditching Audrey for the overdone clichéd arguing pair who becomes a couple at the end. You can have them antagonistic and learn to respect each other without them falling in love. Having the other scientist taking with Audrey and having her show the scientist why she’s not giving Nick proper credit while having him try to at least meet her halfway throughout the story would have worked better.” Unless they couldn’t get the actress I’d rather see Audrey show up again, and if the show had come out I would have liked to have seen the HEAT Team return from the show, two of which were from the first movie along with Nick so all they’d have to cast is Randy and Monique with live-action actors. I don’t know how they’d pull off the robot N.I.G.E.L. but they could reuse his voice actor for it. Animal most likely wouldn’t work but at least Audrey deserved better and the HEAT team would have been a nice addition.

Otherwise I like most of the ideas for this movie. It probably still needed some work depending on how far into the draft process Murphy was but it’s too bad the movie wasn’t made. Sure, it still wouldn’t be Godzilla but that issue wasn’t as bad as it is today. The best they could do now is if the sequel was made they’d have to rename the monster (possibly Zilla) because in this time of poor adaptations not-Godzilla would be less welcome than it was then. Even Legendary gave us a darn close Godzilla. I just think as its own concept this would be better received than trying to call it Godzilla.

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