The ninja (or the exaggerated image of what a ninja actually was) grew in popularity in the 1980s. So it’s not surprising that Hasbro added a ninja to their G.I. Joe toyline. Also, he could be unpainted and they could make another character, which may be his actual origin as a toy. The only versions without the popular Snake Eyes were G.I. Joe Extreme and the pilot that preceded it, Sgt. Savage and his blatantly obvious Nick Fury And His Howling Commandos knockoff, which I could call an homage to the origins of the “A Real American Hero” storyline but it still seems lazy. It’s not terrible, just not that great. There’s a reason it didn’t last long and has gone forgotten, and it isn’t the lack of Snake Eyes.

Snake Eyes has a huge following in the Joe community, from his war with Storm Shadow, to his silent nature due to the accident that disfigured him, to being a ninja with additional military infiltration techniques. However, how does he stand up as a ninja? From Gaijin Goombah and my favorite series of his, Which Ninja, we get the answer to that question…a question so big due to his many incarnations that it needed two videos to answer.

Now that we have an overview of Snake Eyes, GG’s patrons was nice enough to demand part two. So let’s look at a few specific versions.

Catch more Which Ninja and other Japanese pop culture discussions, check out Gaijin Goombah’s YouTube channel

I didn’t expect him to do the more obscure appearances like the Transformers crossovers, but I wish he talked more about the original Sunbow cartoon or the continuation by DIC, where he led a team of ninjas codenamed Ninja Force. He also mentioned a few things from the comics in part one but didn’t go into details, but I guess that would be harder to track down and research given how long the comics ran, and the different publishers that had their own take.

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