This is why those picture-on-glass things only seem like a good idea.

Free Comic Book Day (Infinity)

Marvel Comics (May, 2013)


WRITER: Johanthan Hickman

PENCILER: Jim Cheung

INKER: Mark Morales

COLORIST: Jistin Pnsor

LETTERER: Joe Carmagna


EDITORS: Tom Brevoort & Lauren Sankovitch

“The Final Flower!”

(originally published in Logan’s Run #6, June, 1977)

WRITER: Scott Edelman

ARTIST: Mike Zeck



EDITOR: Archie Goodwin

also contains a few pages from Avengers: Endless Wartime by Warren Ellis & Mike McKone, with Jason Keith as colorist and Chris Eliopoulos as the letterer

Thanos sends Corvus Glaive to the planet Ahl-Gullo because one of his “Outriders” found…something, and thus a tribute of heads was required. Now he’s setting his sights on Earth…and I don’t really care. The art is pretty and fits the tone of the story nicely, but the story itself is so vague I’m not sure what sets this event apart from any other Thanos has been a part of nor the myriad of events Marvel was having at the time, because this is when Eventitis really took hold among Marvel and DC. I’m just not inclined to follow this story further.

It’s kind of odd for a back-up story set in I’m presuming the regular Marvel universe to show up in a comic not set in any Marvel universe, as Logan’s Run was based on the movie and possibly the TV series somewhat based on it. However, this story gives me a bit more insight as to what “Infinity” may be aiming for. In that story the planet’s prized hero and king’s son was killed by Glaive and his Outrider forces. In this story Thanos crushes a sacred flower, I’m guessing the last one on the planet, to weaken the planet’s opposition to his rule, so perhaps that’s what he’s looking for. (Good luck. Earth has tons of those.) In this story, The Destroyer tries to stop Thanos but must abandon his mission to save a woman and her daughter from being killed, which ties into his backstory. I don’t know the character, but I was more interested in this than the main story. If anything it tells me more of what Thanos is up to this time than the actual preview.

I’m assuming the final preview is unconnected, as this may be a stand-alone graphic novel. (I thought Marvel had stopped doing those in favor of writing for the trade.) However, there’s even less of a preview here than there was before. All we learn is Steve Rogers still isn’t used to modern day, can activate Skype but can’t use a coffee machine, and Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers is a former Air Force colonel whose mask retracts into her costume because the MCU really made that popular so the marketing guys and money folks could show off the actor rather than the character and the silly notion you can’t emote in a mask because they don’t know body language is something that exists. Sorry, went off on a rant. Also, Clint’s late for a meeting again. I’m even less interested in this story, but the art is nice and a lot more colorful than even the reprinted story.

Overall just get the Logan’s Run comic if you want to see Thanos versus The Destroyer and either track down reviews to learn about the other two comics or just get them and spin the wheel. The preview really doesn’t preview much.

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