I had one of two articles planned for today…and then I had to clean the bathroom. It takes a lot out of you when you haven’t done a lot of physical labor all year thanks to surgery recovery. I considered just making this late, but it’s a half-hour to post time and I already don’t have the mental energy to not write something lame and definitely not enough time to watch a movie to review. What I opt for tomorrow should be fun.

So instead, I’m bringing you a commentary from Saberspark, an animation reviewer that I’ve gone to for daily posts and filler before. Don Bluth animation had the potential to be one of the big animation studios. Bluth is a former Disney artist who went on  his own and actually boosted the medium. He even brought cartoons to video games thanks to Space Ace and the Dragon’s Lair series. However, everyone makes mistakes, and sadly Bluth was no different. How does someone go from The Secret Of Nihm and The Land Before Time fall off the map?

Catch more Saberspark on YouTube

—Sources for the clips—

Don Bluth Interview – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #115

Don Bluth, famous American animator and film artist speaks to Christian youth

Bluth isn’t giving up on his animation dreams. He recently attempted to kickstart a movie based on the Dragon’s Lair games. The good movies are still talked about and celebrated…but the bad movies are also there to ridicule. Fortunately the former happens more than the latter. I hope he gets the chance to continue doing what he loves.


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