“Are you sure, because I seem to be bending it okay.”

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #148

DC Comics (April, 1972)


COVER ART: Neal Adams

COVER LETTERER: Gaspar Salandino

Jimmy Olsen:”Monarch Of All He Subdues”

INKER: Vince Colletta & Murphy Anderson

LETTERER: John Costanza

Tales Of The DNA Project: “Genetic Criminal”


The Newsboy Legion: “The Meanest Man On Earth!”

Sadly this story is not in the comiXology upload for some reason. I got the credits from comics.org but obviously I can’t review it.


LETTERER: Howard Ferguson

In the main story Superman rescues Jimmy and the Newsboy Legion from the trap of Victor Volcanum, who I guess showed up in the previous issue. Together they make their way through his volcano base and learn his volcano-based origin (with some very dodgy science), and get knocked out by one of his machines. He leaves and prepares to attack Metropolis but Superman and friends manage to stop his plans and Volcanum destroys himself, failing to take Superman with him.

Like I said, the science here makes very little sense, thus proving the Bronze Age still retained a bit of the Silver Age silliness. I guess it works as a final chapter but seeing as I don’t know how this all started it entertained me well enough.

The other story in the comiXology upload (because as mentioned they dropped the final tale for some reason) is also a concluding story, as a clone of a gangster stops a spy or something. This one I couldn’t follow and was less entertaining.

Overall you should probably pick up the previous issue before getting this one, and since it’s missing a story the comiXology version (free as of this writing) is at best a substitute.

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