I really didn’t plan to freeze frame at the worst possible shot, honest. It took three tries to even get a picture with the text.

I have nothing against mobile games. I have a few on my phone and tablet for when I’m out and need something to do without dragging a computer around and Game Boys are too tempting a target given their current worth. However, some of the ads out there right now will lie to you about the game inside. For example I tried playing Hero Wars on Facebook because I thought it was an interesting brain teaser puzzle game. You’re lucky if one of those comes up as a bonus level. The actual game is you watching your characters walk up to the enemy and beat them up. It’s like a real time side-scrolling strategy game for lazy people. Some of the ads now, probably because the Lilli’s Garden ads have a story that YouTube channels like The Game Theorists dive into the lore of, are somehow even less representative of the game inside. There are ads for new mobile game formats and those games don’t exist. They’re lying to you.

What’s worse is some of these ads are not exactly falling in the same YouTube guidelines that Google forces the creators to go with. In addition to being false advertising they use sex, stolen assets, and other issues that will in turn get a regular video flagged for using, at least to the point of costing ad revenue to the creator because supposedly advertisers want more family-friendly videos. How you have family-friendly videos with ads that absolutely aren’t? YouTube’s entire model is sometimes questionable to creators and the reason they keep hoping some other platform may be more friendly to new and lower tier creators who don’t get enough views and clicks for Google’s liking.

In the video below Saberspark goes over these ads because as someone who occasionally makes safe for work videos of not so safe for work content among his other animation reviews he’s been a victim of this hypocrisy. Note that swearing, suggestive themes, and farting are surprisingly popping up in this one.

Catch more of Saberspark on YouTube.

Here’s also a link to his other video on the games themselves if you’re interested. Check out Saber’s cute 3D version of his avatar.

So what’s the takeaway here? Choose your games wisely? That YouTube’s guidelines are bullcrap? That sex sells? That nobody really cares about kids and just says they do to use them to get what they want? The answer is yes to all those questions. I don’t know if there’s a (fittingly) YouTube or other site channel that actually plays these games and shows you what they’re really like but depending on how the channel’s content and approach I would promote it if did just as a warning not to play these games until you find out what they really are. If you’re going to waste money at least waste it on something you actually want.

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