I’m not sure about this remake of Oliva Newton John’s Xanadu. (It’s strange I have to point out which Xanadu I mean.)

Robotech #9

Antarctic Press (July, 1998)

Prototype 001: “Variants” part 2



EDITOR: Doug Dlin

Invid Invasion: “Introduction” part 2

WRITER/ARTIST: Pat Kelley (we have credits this time, and I guess “Introduction” was the title of the back-up)

In the story worth talking about, Lisa awakens as captain of the SDF-2. She and Carl Reber are married with a daughter named after Claudia, while the Claudia we know is married to Admiral Roy Fokker and in charge of another Super Dimensional Fortress, part of a group of four (if you count the destroyed SDF-1) still fighting the Zentraedi invasion. Too bad she doesn’t remember her life and the Zentraedi may have enough knowledge of Earth military history to be able to foil Fokker’s plan. (Gloval is now President.)

What they got right: It’s an interesting alternate world scenario. Lisa may not think it’s a dream but we know it is. So not including Rick or Minmei (despite her being on the cover for some reason) makes a lot of sense. This alternate reality is filled with the people she knows…and a nod to another anime. I’m trying to figure out where the doctor is from. My first thought was Yamato/Starblazers but it’s not him. Meanwhile he looks like the drummer from the Crescendolls from Interstellar 5555. Sadly the internet was no help. He’s a bit annoying but thankfully his appearance is brief.

What they got wrong: At some point the story goes to Breetai and Exedore figuring out there may be more than one SDF out there. Ignoring the fact that Exedore looks nothing like his proper design (one of the articles I looked up suggested the character models came from pre-production art designs) Breetai is pretty darn close outside of skin color…except that Lisa shouldn’t even know about the Zentraedi in general, never mind these two specifically. And why is Minmei on the cover when she may well not even exist in this story?

What I think overall: The second story has so little happen it’s not even worth talking about. This is still an oddly placed story given what was going on before Lisa’s attack, but whether or not it’s a good story will depend on where it goes by the end. I’m still skeptical but I see potential had this been better placed.

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