It’s time to work through some of my SNS backlog. Kamen Rider Wizard is the 23rd entry in the Kamen Rider franchise, and the 14th installment of the “Heisei” period. The show tells the story about a ritual that turned people into demons called Phantoms, who seek to create more of their kind by making people with magical potential, also called Gates, fall into despair to release the Phantom into the world. However, one man instead becomes a wizard and tasked with fighting these demons, essentially closing the proverbial gate of the literal Gates.

Toei Tokusatu World has, as usual, released only the first two episodes thus far. And yet some show about a comical robot is getting a full posting on the official YouTube channel. I don’t get it. The first introduces our hero while the second sets up the situation so I’ll be showing both episodes tonight. Turn on closed captions to get English subtitles, and enjoy.

Hopefully this show will get the view count that convinces whomever is running the Toei Tokusatsu World official YouTube channel to put up more episodes, as well as the other Kamen Rider series (some of which have been previous Saturday Night Showcases but still haven’t seen an episode 3). At least their sentai shows are on Shout Factory TV, but outside of some of the metal hero shows I need to get back into (and at least one that didn’t interest me, but hopefully they all have subtitles now) this is all we get for Kamen Rider. A home video release would be nice, too.

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