Superman begins his search for a writer that actually gets why he’s important. They’re so rare now.

War Of The Supermen Free Comic Book Day

DC Comics (June, 2010)


EDITOR: Matt Idelson

“War Of The Supermen” prologue

WRITERS: James Robinson & Sterling Gates

PENCILER: Eddy Barrows

INKER: J. P. Mayer


LETTERER: John J. Hill

“Filling In The Blanks”

WRITER: Sterling Gates

PENCILERS: Julian Lopez, Aaron Lopresti, David Finch, Gary Frank, Cafu, Ethan Van Sciver, & Diógenes Neves

INKERS: BIT, Aaron Lopresti, Joe Weems, Gary Frank, Cafu, Ethan Van Sciver, & Vincent Cifutes


LETTERER: John J. Hill

The first story has Superman journey to New Krypton to attempt to stop Zod from launching an attack on Earth, but he already sent it out, leading into the War Of The Supermen event. I have so many issues with this story. No matter how upset Superman is, I don’t think he’s so stupid as to attack Zod and expect him to play fair. The new take on Ursa is downright insane, right down to using a Kryptonite blade that hurts her as much as her opponent. Non is basically the same. Granted most of my issues with the story is personal. Technically it’s a good setup to the story, the art is really good, and if I didn’t have a personal issue with the premise and the attempt to make darker Superman I might be curious. Seeing the Kandor Kryptonians following Zod and his invasion plans just runs counter to the Kandor I knew as a kid.

Okay, Lois logging into her computer at the start of the second story with a C:> prompt? In a 2010 book? Really, guys? The story is really just Lois recapping events with New Krypton and her own father, whom she is ready to expose for his xenophobic attack on the Kryptonians, leading to their decision to bring Zod back to power. Then Jimmy, believed dead, shows up in the office. He was working with Natasha Irons but now she’s disappeared and he’s ready to give Lois the means to fight back against Sam Lane. Again, I’m just not into this story on principle, and I really don’t like Sam Lane much because he just doesn’t interest me as much as General Hardcastle over at the DCAU. Maybe I just don’t want Lois’s dad to be a jerk. Since I want to be fair in my reviews whatever my personal bias may color, the art is good, it’s a solid tool to recap the story in a Free Comic Book Day preview, and if not for my personal disinterest I would be curious.

That’s really my problem overall. It may or may not be a good story but it’s not something I look for in a Superman story. DiDio’s Darker DC is just not what I became a DC Comics fan for, but as for the preview, the stories are part of trade collections so unless you really want everything in single issues it’s not a must-own.

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