And every one of them has a city accidentally added to it. It’s an SDF tradition in this world.

Robotech #11 (FINAL ISSUE)

Antarctic Press (November, 1998)

Prototype 001: “Variants” part 4


COLORISTS: Ben & Joe Dunn

EDITOR: Doug Dlin

Roy and Lisa use the 001 to reach a brand new SDF. Without armaments Roy sets the ship to self-destruct while the Zentraedi destroys the SDF-2. The explosion of the SDF-5…sends Lisa back to her own reality or something or she just wakes from her dream with Roy pointing a gun at Focke. That situation is all resolved via exposition. After the end of the first Robotech war Lisa goes to see the 001 in the museum and finds a yellow rose left for her by Roy.

I would give this the usual format but my thoughts kind of jumble on this one. This story feels like it was rushed, like Nomura didn’t know until it was too late the story was ending. One page has such tight panels it feels like he’s trying to wrap everything up quickly. Thoughts about Lisa having traveled to another dimension comes out of nowhere. While you could explain it away with the “it’s all a dream”, the build-up to Focke prior to this storyline doesn’t get a good payoff as Roy solves everything while Lisa is out. There are also some odd things like Lisa referring to Karl as Kyle and why she did it, which I couldn’t even understand. I just couldn’t get into this final storyline and I don’t think it had time to really work itself out.

As for the back-up our explorers learn the Flower Of Life may be somehow behind key events that may not have caused the various Robotech wars but set the wheels in motion as a way of…I don’t even know. Not that it matters because the story suggests the Invid are going to wipe them out or something.

Overall both storylines are a wash. The whole “Prototype 001” suffers from not getting the time it deserves further impeded with this alternate dream reality bit while the back-up feels unnecessary. I can’t say I’m a big fan of this at all and really can’t recommend it to anyone.

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