Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you got everything you wanted, or at least enough of it to be satisfied. Since I didn’t get to make my usual Christmas content…again, and it’s really annoying me…here’s a little documentary that kind of touches on stuff I wanted to get into. For one thing I wanted to explore one of the many Santa origins in fiction, and this documentary goes into the history of Santa Claus and the influences of Christmas traditions around the world. Captain Yuletide, my Christmas superhero comic, often uses those traditions as part of the story. So this has given me some more potential material to work with.

From the YouTube channel Real Stories comes The Legends Of Santa, a peek into various Christmas traditions around the world, based either on Christmas itself or the festival traditions that predate Christmas as a holiday. Yes, I can acknowledge that the placement of Christmas (we don’t know when his actual birthday is) was meant to help convince people to switch deities and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. The reason for religious traditions aren’t just to honor our chosen god or gods but to remind us of why we worship them. If indeed you believe God to be the only god (and if you’re worshiping Him odds are you do, same for anyone still worshiping Odin or something) and Jesus His only begotten Son you would want to use something familiar to spread the joy of His virgin birth. You may have a different opinion and that’s fine, but it’s Christmas, I love Christmas, I follow Jesus, and thus I’m admittedly biased…but being biased doesn’t make one wrong. That’s why it’s an opinion until God himself calls us all up to say otherwise. And no, some Twitter feed claiming to be God doesn’t cover it.

Even if you don’t follow the holiday this is a fascinating look at holiday and Christmas traditions around the world and what led to Santa Claus as we know him today. Note that Santa is the main interest of this piece, hence why this isn’t The Legends Of Jesus, and all that went into how we know him today, plus a few extra interesting traditions of beings who do the same work as Jolly Old St. Nickolas and Santa’s various comrades in spreading presents and holiday cheer. So enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

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