There’s a face that screams “why are your kidneys still inside you?”.

Speed Racer volume 2 #1

NOW Comics (July, 1992)

“Best Laid Plans…”

WRITER: Tony Caputo

PENCILER: Joe Roziarski

INKER: Kyle Hotz


COLOR ASSIST: Suzanne Dechnik

SELECTED COVER ART: Joe Koziarski & Mark Stegbauer

EDITOR: Joan Weis

Pops Racer has invented a new engine that is completely silent and has gotten a meeting with GM to introduce it. However, someone named Alfonso is here to steal it but Racer X and his partner only know that he’s here. At a dinner at Trixie’s Speed is taken hostage, and Alfonso invades the meeting to force him to bring the plans.

What they got right: It is an interesting premise. I don’t know if Speed and company are aware of Racer X’s work with Interpol but bringing them together has the makings for an interesting story.

What they got wrong: The summary is so short because half of this issue (the first of a three issue miniseries, mine being the standard format instead of the prestige format with extra bonuses) is reintroducing the characters roughly two years after the main series concluded. And yet we’re not even told who Rex’s Interpol partner is, with only hints that they may also be a couple or at least really close friends. They also pretty easily pointed to one of Trixie’s brothers being involved.

What did I think overall: A good start, but sadly this is where my NOW Comics collection ends so I don’t know how it turns out.

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