The only way this cover would be more generic is if it didn’t have a background.

Sonic X #1

Archie Comics (November, 2005)

“Savings And Groan”

WRITER: Joe Edkin


INKER: Rich Koslowski

COLORIST: Ben Hunzeker

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

Based off of the anime and 4Kids dub on the Fox Box. After Sonic beats Sam Speed in yet another race, our heroes return to the mansion to find Chris’s parents in a rare state of being home. They invite Sonic and friends on a vacation to the beach after they stop at the bank, two things Sonic has no interest in. The others go but Eggman shows up to rob the bank since he has to buy parts for his evil robots. Amy and Tails try to stop him but Sonic finds out about it just in time to save the day. However, Eggman does get away with some of Sonic’s gold power-boosting rings. A week later he prepares a new scheme while the President asks for Sonic’s help on a mission.

What they got right: If you haven’t seen the show you do get an introduction to the show’s cast as well as the show’s version of this cast as opposed to the regular Archie Sonicverse. The art is very close to the show’s art style.

What they got wrong: Otherwise the story isn’t very interesting. Eggman going to rob a bank isn’t one of his more impressive schemes even for this show, but how does he not know what money is and yet can paraphrase Michael Jackson’s song “Ben”, which is the name of the rat-like robot he uses for his bank robbery? I think they also played up Sam’s rivalry with Sonic over wanting to be the fastest a bit too high.

What did I think overall: It’s not a great introduction to this version of Sonic and friends but it is functional. Watch the show before reading this.


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