I couldn’t find a previous posting of this so if this is a repeat there’s good reason for it, which I’ll get to later.

Sonic X is a 2003 series by TMS Entertainment, airing for two seasons on TV Tokyo. Much like its Western kinfolk the series doesn’t follow any one game but uses them as a guide to create an original continuity…and unlike many Hollywood attempts manages pulls it off by staying true to the source material while still doing something new. Season one follows Sonic and friends as events transport them to a version of our world while season two sends the heroes on a mission in space to rescue a planet in need. It’s a good series and worth checking out.

The show would also be retooled to air on Saturday mornings in the US, as part of Fox Kids’ rebranded “Fox Box” lineup. The shows were all reworkings by 4Kids Entertainment, a group that among anime fans have received a negative reputation because they forget kids shows in the US follow different rules than kids shows in Japan and this group tends to not like animated shows for kids unless it also caters to them. Sometimes even that’s not enough because they hate kids, but that’s another conversation. However, this dub, within the rules of Saturday morning standards and practices, is actually a pretty faithful dub, without some of the major changes that sparks even the understandable complaints of the group. If you don’t believe me, TMS’s official YouTube channel has the series in both the original Japanese (with closed captioned subtitles) and the 4Kids dub so watch them both and decide for yourself. Or just watch the version you prefer. Either way, enjoy.

Original Japanese Version

English Saturday Morning Version

If anything I think 4Kids actually improved a couple of lines of dialog, specifically the line about the hood ornament and the replaced “public service announcement” to something funnier, a sort of parody of the usual PSA that likes to think kids are dumb.

As mentioned earlier the series is available in both version on the official TMS anime YouTube channel. As to why I’m posting this, Archie Comics, who had been doing the Sonic The Hedgehog comics at the time, produced a series set in this universe, some of which I’ve already reviewed…except those reviews came out as I was getting the comics and the ones that came before weren’t reviewed at the time. So we’re going to start fixing that as I need a new series to replace the Monday DC Comics reviews and Archie’s Sonic comics are going to be it. See you on Monday…unless you catch Sunday’s post.


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  1. […] Based off of the anime and 4Kids dub on the Fox Box. After Sonic beats Sam Speed in yet another race, our heroes return to the mansion to find Chris’s parents in a rare state of being home. They invite Sonic and friends on a vacation to the beach after they stop at the bank, two things Sonic has no interest in. The others go but Eggman shows up to rob the bank since he has to buy parts for his evil robots. Amy and Tails try to stop him but Sonic finds out about it just in time to save the day. However, Eggman does get away with some of Sonic’s gold power-boosting rings. A week later he prepares a new scheme while the President asks for Sonic’s help on a mission. […]


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