This is almost a decent cover for once. Too bad it doesn’t match the story inside.

Sonic X #3

Archie Comic Publications (January, 2006)

“Field Trip Of Doom!”

WRITER: Joe Edkin

PENCILER: Tim Smith 3

INKERS: Jim Amash, Bob Smith 1, and Aimee Ray

(What’s with the numbers?)

COLORISTS: Ben Henzeker, & Josh Ray

LETTERER: Tom Orzechowski

COLOVER ART: Pat “Spaz” Spaziante

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

Eggman distracts Sonic while sending machines to his human friends. The next day Eggman attacks a school field trip that Sonic, Amy, and Tails have joined in on. Meanwhile, the machines capture Sam, the President, Topaz, Chris, and his teacher (who is also a government agent…I think it made sense in the show), which Eggman plans to use to control the robots and ensure Sonic doesn’t just smash them like usual.

What they got right: It’s actually a decent plan on Eggman’s part. Using his friends as hostages means he has a bunch of robots he can’t just beat up. It could be an interesting story.

What they got wrong: The build-up wasn’t. We catch Sonic mid-rescue of Cheese. Then there’s Bokkun’s mysterious deliveries and you’d think someone would have recognized Eggman’s agent. Then there’s the field trip. Then there’s more of this book making Sam look like a jealous idiot. Then there’s the museum. Then there’s the attack. Too many things happen while the actual plot stands still. And again, animals “controlling” the robot was an early game thing, not something from this show.

What did I think overall: So far the insert promo stories (Bionicle before and this issue Heroscape) are more interesting than the actual comic.

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