Thanks to official rights holders realizing there’s a market on YouTube I’ve been able to bring you TV shows and movies that maybe you’ve never heard of before but were created by big budget studios. It could bring you something you heard of but never saw, or maybe bring back memories of a forgotten show, or maybe you never knew it existed in the first place. This ability was lost to me when Hulu stopped allowing embeds of their shows and went to a Netflix style model so I’ve been enjoying the opportunity being brought back to me.

However, I have neglected the other thing I wanted to do with Saturday Night Showcase now that webcomics seem better served in regular articles. I also wanted to show what people were doing with a smaller budget. Whether it was an original idea or a fan work, there’s some really good talent limited only by the funds available, and sometimes even finding ways around that. I’m not abandoning the big name shows but tonight it’s time to bring those indie projects back into the SNS fold…with Bitter Lake: Trust Is A Fickle Thing.

The furry fandom gets a lot of undeserved flack. People point to porn of anthropomorphic animal people as if you can’t find it with elves or Klingons. It’s one thing if the characters just look like animals standing up, say Sonic The Hedgehog or even the Looney Tunes, but there is a certain level of humanoid where it shouldn’t be that different from other fantasy and sci-fi creatures. Not that it even matters because alleged sexual perversion isn’t all the furry fandom is about, at least not any more than any other fan and art group out there. There is a lot of creativity and fun in using animals as a shortcut to identify a character, plus they’re an interesting design artistically. (I’m not defending porn mind you. I’m just saying you don’t complain about Star Wars porn so why does this get people branded?) For example, tonight’s short video uses fursuits far more advanced than the “mascot” types you see at conventions, is a story that could work with any medieval fantasy setting, and stands as its own work.

Bitter Lake is the story of a kingdom so tired of civil war that the citizenry has demanded it end…making it the second time this week oddly enough. Representatives of the four major territories have come together to barter for peace. However, there is among them an assassin of a secret faction who seeks to disrupt these proceedings…in blood. Enjoy.

To talk about this will involve spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet so I’ll use the behind the scenes video as spoiler space.

Catch more at The EZ Wolf’s YouTube channel.

I don’t usually post stories where villain wins, short as that victory turns out to be. However, I find the creation of this short film rather interesting. The fursuits aren’t the usual mascot type but actually take some extra effort to resemble a humanoid animal without make-up. The lack of human characters allows the movie to not break immersion, which also worked for The Dark Crystal. With the mouths only having open and close (nice trick using the voiceover since you can’t hear the people in the suits) it would look strange next to the humans. It’s just six or seven furry characters, two of whom we don’t even see the full body of, and a story of betrayal and murder. It could have been humans but being anthros gives it a unique visual style. I wouldn’t mind seeing more movies like this. Obviously a big screen movie would try to use CG, which means you might as well just make it an animated production unless you want to be The Lion King and lie about it just because you have real life backgrounds. For a production like this it worked well. I was into the story.

Sadly if you do check out EZ Wolf’s channel the other videos use the mascot type costumes which doesn’t look as believable. He does showcase more of these advanced suits as well, but either way maybe you’ll find something there to enjoy. If not, there was this film.

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