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Toei Tokusatsu World only has the first two episodes and at least when they came out there were no English subtitles. (I don’t know if this has changed.) Shout Factory TV’s “TokuSHOUTsu” streaming site, where Tubi gets their postings so I’d rather point to Shout Factory TV directly, has the full series and it’s worth watching but I wonder if someone at Toei is still holding a grudge from Saban’s Masked Rider, which suffered due to parent groups throwing fits over kids playing Power Rangers, and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, which I actually thought was quite good but 4Kids didn’t really air very well.

However, other Toei live-action shows are getting full postings. I don’t understand what’s going through their heads, but Japan media companies (and even the government) as a whole is confusing me lately with their actions. In contrast Tsuburaya is embracing their international audience without draining the “Japanness” of Ultraman. Their YouTube channel rolls out new episodes of current Ultraman series, they have a fan service called Ultraman Connection to reach out to English-speaking fans. Toho is even getting into the game with how they release their new productions–via Netflix so I’m out of luck, and their English YouTube channel has dubs of content previously exclusive to their Japanese YouTube channel, classic trailers, trivia, and episodes of the Hanna-Barbera Godzilla (in three parts per episode and not even on the proper commercial breaks for some odd reason). Toei, you have Kamen Rider fans over here. Get your act together.

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