“I need to start wearing a parachute.”

Sonic X #9

Archie Comics (July, 2006)

“Wicked Sweet Shuttle Shenanigans” part 2


PENICLER: Tim Smith 3

INKERS: Andrew Pepoy and Rick Koslowski


COVER ART: Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

Omega (if the comic isn’t going to name him I will since I happened to stumble upon him during research) prepares to destroy Sonic, believing Eggman is Doctor Robotnik. However they end up teaming up (though Sonic doesn’t know) to take out Eggman’s spider robot while Amy, Tails, and Rouge rescues their friends. Eggman manages to steal the shuttle and a damaged Omega manages to get on board, confusing Eggman.

Correction from a week later: I don’t know why I kept writing Omega when I know who that robot is. This was actually Emerel. So sorry for getting that wrong. Did I stumble on the wrong name or did I keep getting it wrong on my own? I may never really know.

What they got right: Some interesting nods to season two, which thankfully the comic won’t get to play in. If memory serves the whole series takes place during season one. There’s some really good action and a decent mystery surrounding Omega.

What they got wrong: Can we stop using Westwood now? He’s the type of character I don’t like and yet he’s still here. The gag about not understanding Eggman because Big punched him in the nose last issue just isn’t working.

What did I think overall: I’m still not connecting with this comic. I’ve only re-watched a few episodes of season one recently but for the most part it just doesn’t feel the same even if it looks similar.

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