Yeah, I’m surprised they’re still talking about a live-action movie, too.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #1 (“The Untold Story” special edition)

Eternity Comics (November, 1993)

“The Dance Of Death”

WRITER: Tom Mason

ARTIST: John Waltrip


LETTERER: Mike Delapine

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Albert Deschesne


EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

The “special edition is just a recap of the previous two “books”, presumably not in the regular #1.

In the regular story, four months have passed since the Sentinels’ ship was shot down over Praxis. The Regent (or his clone) comes to a meeting with the Robotech forces, but someone aboard ship has plans to kill him while Edwards tries to see what his game is…and turn it to his victory. The “Regent” also brings news that the Sentinels are dead, which causes Minmei to pass out from shock. What nobody knows is that the Sentinels survive on Praxis but Praxis is becoming more and more dangerous. Meanwhile Jack, Karen, L’Ron, and Kami go exploring underground…and find a group of mysterious orbs.

What they got right: If this is your first book or you missed a bunch of issues a recap isn’t a bad idea. If you’ve been following all along there’s a regular edition without the recap. Things are heating up for our heroes. Granted, I know what’s happening to Praxis because I’ve read later issues before stumbling upon this one on Saturday but the mystery is handled well.

What they got wrong: The scene with Tesla and Burak frankly doesn’t go anywhere. I wonder if this was added for the “untold story” edition because it does nothing for the plot. I’m also curious if Kathy, who kills a guy she seduced to get explosives because she has a personal issue with the Regent and wants to cover her tracks, is part of Edwards’ plan or working on her own. Edwards’ lackey seemed to know what was happening.

Recommendation: I hope to somehow get all of the Sentinels comics but I’m glad I finally get to add this one. A lot of it is recap and set-up but this is the start of the third “volume” of the series so that makes sense. I still recommend this series.


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