“That’s not what I meant by ‘mysterious eyes'”.

Spider-Man: The Manga #13

Marvel Comics (June, 1998)

WRITER/ARTIST: Ryoichi Ikegami

TRANSLATION: Mutsumi Masuda


EDITOR: Glenn Greenberg

The attack on Rumi right in front of him was the last straw. Yu suits up as Spider-Man again to attack the faker, but strangely coincidentally a man calling himself Mysterio shows up declaring he’ll bring Spider-Man to justice. Realizing Mysterio is behind the fake Spider-Man, the real deal accepts his challenge, but Mysterio is able to counter his webbing and spider-sense. In the battle Yu almost loses his mask as Mysterio sends him off a bridge. (Man, Spider-Men and bridges never seem to go well.)

What they got right: It’s a really good fight, as Japanese Mysterio counters each of Yu’s abilities but also shows his own fighting skills and gadgets. I think he could take the 616 Mysterio pretty easily in a fight.

What they got wrong: However, thanks to the panel size it seems rather short for a US comic, although this was the 1990s when it was reprinted and translated so if it wasn’t for the superior art it might fit in. 😀

What I think overall: This is more proof that Marvel should have translated the volumes properly instead of doing two issues a month but it’s still a good story.


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